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Award Recommendations

Order of the Bear's Claw.png
Award of the Bear's Heart.png
Award of the Golden Bear of Septentria B

​The Award of the Bear's Claw (ABC)

This Award was created at the 10th Pennsic War and was given to those gentles who gave a significant contribution to the war effort.  It is now bestowed at any Septentrian Court to recognize martial efforts.

The Order of the Bear's Heart (OBH)

The Order of the Bear's Heart is given to gentles for their extraordinary dedication and service to Septentria. The kind of service is not prescribed, merely that the service be long-standing and of significant import to the Barony.

The Award of the Golden Bear (AGB)​

This award is the Barony of Septentria's Arts and Sciences Award. As the Bear's Claw recognizes martial skill or contributions, and the Bear's Heart recognizes service and dedication, the Golden Bear recognizes excellence within the arts and sciences.

The Award of the Bear's Cub (BC)

This award is given to children of Septentria in recognition of exceptional service, martial activities or other displays of skills and prowess.

Anyone may suggest another for an award. If you have seen someone doing things you see as worthy, please contact Their Excellencies.

Thanks! Message sent.

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