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The Chalice of Baldr and Nanna

Long before the wolf and the wild and the wind, the world teamed with many creatures.  As time passed and these beings had many journeys and many adventures. Such glory was shared by word, and deed.  Many stories were spoken and written. Today we tell you how the Chalice of Baldr and Nanna of the ancient Norse came to be in Our hands.


Many of you know of the joy, light and love shared between Baldr and Nanna.  So much so she held true to her love and burned with him upon his death. The world was distraught with the loss of such love and joy, thus brought back to the world were items to bring comfort and reassurance that Baldr and Nanna lived on.


To ensure the world continued to know light, and joy many gifts were sent from the world beyond.  These were great items rich in lore, and memory. Items meant as remembrance and meant to bring comfort.  The last of these was a gift of those who have gone before. Each person we have loved and cared for, each memory we carry with us was brought to fashion this cup. This chalice was given to us by the messenger of Baldr and Nanna themselves, so we would remember where we came from and would bring joy and light as we make new memories.


The Chalice bearer is chosen for their joy, love and light they bring to the barony.


For one year and a day we charge the bearer of this Chalice to share their joy and light with the people of the Barony. We promise the cup should ever be full, and honour our bearer for sharing of themselves.


We invite anyone who sees the Bearer of the Cup to fill it!

At Step Sprightly (Feb 2020) Lady Katrina Prebensdottir was chosen as our Bearer of the Chalice

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