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The Barons and Baronesses of
Septentria's Past
Baroness Gillian d'Uriel
The First Reign, AS 13 – AS 16


Baroness: Gillian d'Uriel (Variant spellings: Gillian Olafsdottir d'Uriel)

Champion (Armoured Combat): A new champion was named at each

tourney until Mordain Blackcloak was chosen as Gillian's champion

in July AS 15.



Baron Aedan na Kincora & Baroness Caffa Muirath
The Second Reign, AS 16 – AS 26


Baron:Aedan na Kincora (Variant spellings: Aedan na o Kincora, Aedan o Kincora)

Baroness:Caffa Muirath (Kaffa Muirath, Caffa Muiriath, Kaffar Muiriath)

Champion (Armoured Combat): James MacAndrews (AS 20),

John of Slaughterfield (AS 21 – ?)*

Bard: Hector of the Black Height (AS 24 – ?)

Harpist: Nain of Islandia/Nain na Cruitre (AS 16 – ?), Rhiannon of Wye (AS ? – ?)

Hero: Lothar von Wulfing

Baronial Master of Steel: Strygor von Talmetz (AS 17 – ?)

Special Award: Cauldron of Ceredwyn (Sylard of Eagleshaven AS 17, Finnvarr de Taahe AS 18,

Fiona Averil of Maidenhead AS 19, Ricard of Sabletree AS 20, Robert of Two Cliffs AS 21,

Talymar gan y Lyn and Eislinn the Patient AS 22, David Martin Failsworth and Tangwystl Siwan

Failsworth AS 23, Angharad of Nankivel AS 24, Frederic L'Avarre and Tamarra Amalthea de Romany

AS 25, Aedan na Kincora and Caffa Muirath AS 26) **

Armed Forces: Septentrian Archery Corps, Septentrian Guard, White Bear Fian


*John was champion of Skraeling Althing and Noergate at the same time, effectively making him the unofficial champion of Ealdormere during the Proscription. John was known as The Champion of Two Baronies and the Shire, and his consort was Lady Dierdre of Carlyle.


**As is often the case, my sources were conflicted. I have based this listing primarily on the histories of Eoforwic, which differ from the official Order of Precedence. My decision was based on the fact that many of the dates on the OoP are recognized as being guesses.



Baron Cordigan d'Arnot & Baroness Diane d'Arnot


Third Reign, AS 26 – AS 28


Baron: Cordigan d'Arnot

Baroness: Diane d'Arnot



Ieuan McKellmore & Adrielle Kerrec
The Fourth Reign, AS 28 – AS 33


Baron: Ieuan McKellmore* (Variant spellings: Ieuan McIlmoyle)

Baroness: Adrielle Kerrec

Champion (Armoured Combat): Rhys ap Bledri (AS 32 – AS 33)

Skudifers: many held this office, generally one pair every year at Pennsic war.

Harpist: Aveline de la Rose

Special Award: Cup of Teacht Ceartha Mor (Inez Maria Carmen de Freitas AS 28, Thevenin de la Cote d'Azur AS 29, Leonora daLiliaceae AS 30, Nicolae Cioranu AS 31, Cynred Broccan AS 32, Mordreth Llanelli Colwyn and Sylard of Eagleshaven AS 33)

Armed Forces: Septentrian Archery Corps, White Bear Fian

*Ieuan abdicated his throne in AS 32, leaving Adrielle to complete the reign alone.



Cynred Broccan & Gaerwen of Trafford
The Fifth Reign, AS 33 – AS 37


Baron (Thegn): Cynred Broccan (Variant spellings: Cynred the Broc)

Baroness: Gaerwen of Trafford

Champion (Armoured Combat): Rhys ap Bledri (AS 33 – AS 34), Seonag nic Thomais (AS 36 – AS 37)

Sword-Reeve of the Isengesitha: Tiberius Justus Brittanicus

Archery Champion: Ulvar van der Nederlanden and Dafydd ap Sion* (both AS 37)

Fencing Champion: Gareth of Eoforwic (AS 37)

Thrown Weapons Champion: Gunnar Truthsinger (AS 37)

Bard: Hector of the Black Height (AS 34), Grimaldi DiSalvazzi (AS 34 – 35), Isotta Gianfgliazzi** (AS 35 – 36), Grimaldi DiSalvazzi (AS 36), Colyne Stewart and Thorfinna gra'feldr*** (AS 36 – AS 37)

Harpist: Rufus of Stamford (AS 33 – AS 37)

Special Award: Horn of Wessex (Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith AS 34, Eirik Andersen AS 35, Aeneas Oakhammer AS 36, Colyne Stewart and Thorfinna gra'feldr AS 37)

Armed Forces: Septentrian Archery Corps, Isengesitha, Lightfists, White Bear Fian

*Ulvar and Dafydd held the position together

**Grimaldi was made Kingdom Bard, and Isotta served as Baronial Bard while he was so occupied.

***Colyne and Thorfinna held the position together



Corwyn Galbraith & Domhnail Galbraith
The Sixth Reign, AS 37 – 41


Baron: Corwyn Galbraith

Baroness: Domhnail Galbraith

Champion (Armoured Combat): Etian du Naval (AS 41 – 41)

Archery Champion: Augustyn of Ely (AS 38 – 40), Mathild de Valognes (AS 41)

Fencing Champion: Jocelyn Cranewall (AS 39 – AS 40), Gareth of Eoforwic (AS 40 – 41)

Thrown Weapons Champion: Gunnarr skald Thorvaldsson, called Truthsinger (AS 39 – 41)

Bard: Þorfinna Greyfeldr (AS 38 – AS 39), Gunnarr skald Thorvaldsson, called Truthsinger (AS 39 – 41), Raya of Petrea Thule (AS 41 – 41)

Harpist: Rufus of Stamford (AS 37 – 41)

Special Award: Horn of Muinnin (Ulvar van der Nederlanden AS 38, Christiana McNamara and Percival de Laroque AS 39, Tiberius Brittanicus and Anne Tinker AS 40)

Armed Forces: Iron Companions, White Bear Fian



Percival de la Rocque & Christiana MacNamara
The Seventh Reign, AS 41 – AS 46


Baron: Percival de la Roque

Baroness: Christiana MacNamara

Champion (Armoured Combat): Lord Thorolfr im Smithr

Archery Champion: THL Mahild

Thrown Weapons Champion: THL Catriona ingheen Ragnaill

Fencing Champion: Lady Rusalka Galbraith

Youth Champion: Callum of the Black Height

Bard: Baron Cynred Broccan

Armed Forces: Iron Companions, White Bear Fian

Special Award: The Quaich of Artio (THL Bjarn AS41, THL Daffyd AS42, Lady Jocellyn AS43, Lord Gunthar Wallenstein AS44)



Thegn Grom Meinfretr & Banthegn Anneke the Furious

The Eighth Reign, AS 47 – AS 49


Baron:Grom Meinfretr

Baroness:Anneke the Furious

Baron Dafydd ap Sion & Baroness Mahhild de Valognes

The Ninth Reign AS 49 - AS 52

Archery Champions: Einar, then his daughter Nemika, then Catrina.

Rapier Champions: Jocelyn, then Kersteken

Thrown Weapons Champion: Gerart

Armoured Combat Champions: Brendan, Graeme, Bjarn, then Sven.

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