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Baronial Missives or messages from their Excellencies

Added June 29th 2020

100 days


Greetings unto Our Stalwart and Steadfast Barony,


It’s been a little more than 100 days since we entered the safety zone.  Safe at home, tending to our worlds, reaching out when able.


We remain incredibly impressed with all of the activities, practices, arts and time we see posted on social media.  We admire your dedication.


We want to remind you that it is ok to participate as much or as little as you want to.  We find ourselves missing our face to face connections, particularly that camping season is upon us.  We invite you to take a moment and remember that those things will return to us, some day.


We are available by email and messenger as always.  We keep you in our thoughts and hearts, and hope each of you is safe in these Covid Times.


Keep safe,

Sven and Kersteken 

Baron and Baroness Septentria 

Added April 16th 2020

Greetings Unto the Barony,


It’s been nigh on a month of social distancing and isolation.  We are so grateful to each and everyone of you for doing what needs to be done.  It takes the heart of a bear to do hard things, and this is a hard thing.


We appreciate your understanding as His Excellency and I continue to work.  We are fortunate in that His Excellency is working from home and Her Excellency continues to work on the front line.


We ask each of you to support each other as best you can.  Stay home, decrease the viral loads and stay together in your hearts.


Be gentle with yourselves.  These are unprecedented times, some may be productive, and some may be doing their best to get out of bed every day.  


Hope for brighter days ahead, and remember to be as safe as you can.  At home.  Home in the Northlands.


You are in our hearts and thoughts,

Sven and Kersteken.

Added March 10th 2020

Greetings Unto the Barony,


It is nearly our one year anniversary of being your Baron and Baroness. We have enjoyed getting to know you and seeing how such a diverse group of people work together and separately for the good of the Barony and this great society.


At Step Sprightly we announced the recipient of our Cup of Septentria-The Chalice of Baldr and Nanna as Lady Katrina Prebensdottir. Please read the lore behind the cup, and feel free to fill the chalice until it runneth over!


We also announced our taxes for the year: We invite you, our beloved people to do, make or try something that brings you joy, and then tell or show us what you have done. We look forward to hearing of your adventures and the fun you have celebrating the joy that this game brings us all.


When we stepped into the high seats we maintained that we did not need to do everything in the first year. As a Baronial couple with interesting work schedules we appreciate how much you work to connect with us, and we are so very proud of our people.


For year two we would like to:


See each canton submit one award recommendation each for an award at the Baronial and the Kingdom Level

Support a Prize at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament

A Baronial Fight Practice Sunday June 7 (Tentative and Weather Dependent)

Host a Bardic Competition on Saturday Night at the Trillium War

See as many of you as possible at the Opening Ceremonies at the Great Pennsic War singing in true Ealdormerean Fashion

Take the field at Pennsic in a sea of red-We would love to provide you with a tabbard, or favour!

Challenge each Septentrian to offer at least one hour of volunteer service in any way at any event (we know many of you volunteer HOURS and we are grateful) and tell us about it in a email or a message or a personal conversation.

See you all at Runestone Hill on War Week Wednesday at 730 pm for a Pennsic War Court

Host a Tournament at Feast of the Bear



These are just a few of the activities we hope to accomplish!


We look forward to seeing you all as the snow melts and we are ever available to chat with you via email at


Sven and Kersteken

Added June 15 2019

Greetings Unto the Noble Barony of Septentria,


Hold your ground from the shores of the in land seas.


Hold your ground from the edge of the Great Northern Shield.


Sons and Daughters of the Bear, our people, our Warriors, we read in your missives the same fear that would take the heart of us if a great creature were to destroy the heart of Lady Ealdormere.


A day may yet come when the courage of the bear fails and for these past 41 years the Bear has stood strong and stead fast. She has stood tall and fierce and protected the heart of the great Lady. Under countless Barons and Baronesses there has been prosperity and protection. A mere Monster will not make Septentria fall.


As a united force under the Banner of the Bear the Barony of Septentria will surround the abandoned Barn and slay the Creature. We shall feast upon its entrails. We shall mount its head in our halls, and we shall tell stories of its slaying. Forever.


At this War of the Trillium, by all that you hold dear, we bid you, the people of Septentria to unite in force, wear the Bear of Septentria proudly to show our unity. And slay the Monster among us. Join us.

Sven and Kersteken

Baron and Baroness of Septentria

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